Judo Gi

What is a Judogi?

The Judogi is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition. It is actually derived from traditional articles of Japanese clothing. Jigoro Kano derived the original judogi from the kimono and other Japanese garments around the turn of the 20th century, and as such the judogi was the first modern martial arts training uniform. (read more here: judogi)

A judogi comprises three parts usually cut from different styles of fabric, a very heavy uwagi (jacket), a lighter canvas style shitabaki (pants), and a cotton obi (belt). The obi comes in different colors to denote the wearer’s rank in judo.

There exist two different colored judogi’s – blue and white. The blue judo gi is only for those who compete in official national or international competitions only. We emphasizes the white gi as the traditional color which fits in better with the traditions of judo and Japanese culture.

Buying a Judogi

The UC Martial Arts Program is pleased to offer a good beginners judogi’s (fuji, white single weaved) available in a wide variety of sizes. The best way to find out what size gi you need is to ask other judoka’s and try it for yourself.
Current equipment manager at UCMAP is: Charles Summs

Unfortunately, we do not have any rental uniforms. If you are taking a PE class, you will be issued a uniform through Hearst Gym. The price listing for the UCMAP equipment room is current as of Summer 2012.

Fuji, single weave, Size 2   = $46.00
Fuji, single weave, Size 3   = $47.00
Fuji, single weave, Size 4   = $48.00
Fuji, single weave, Size 5   = $51.00
Fuji, single weave, Size 6   = $55.00
Fuji, single weave, Size 7   = $57.00

You can pay in cash or check. Please make all checks payable to UC Regents. If your check bounces, you will be charged 25 in addition to any other fees charged to the UCMAP equipment room account

The Advanced Judoka

The advanced judoka might need a more robust judogi. The best way to find a suitable judogi is just to ask around in the Dojo. Brands such as Fuji, Fushida, Mizuno or Adidas all offer good quality judogis. Instead it is a matter of preferences.

My advice is find someone with similar body shape as you that has a gi you might feel will suit you – then try it on, evaluate and maybe buy the same.

Other useful information

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