Belt Test Syllabus

Belt test

The syllabus has been updated! Please check it out to make sure you have the most recent requirements for belt testing.

Cal Judo conducts semi-annual belt promotion tests at the end of each semester. In order to be eligible, you must have demonstrate proficiency and dedication. All judoka must:

  • Know how to fall (ukemi)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of club rules and etiquette
  • Understand terminology, including the Japanese names of techniques
  • Assist in teaching and helping those with lesser knowledge
  • Be respectful at all times
  • Demonstrate good moral character and maturity
  • Regular attendance at practice.

You will find the syllabus here

Please contact any of the instructors for answers to any further questions you may have.

The Belt test Curriculum
This new UCMAP JUDO Syllabus (Fall 2012) is issued for immediate use by Candidates, Coaches and Assessors. Individual ‘Grading Cards’ will be available as separate documents. Permission to grade above 4th Kyu Green belt can only authorize by Judo main instructor. Tournament points are required for 4th Kyu Green belt and above.

CAL Judo recognize Judo as a pure sport, and therefore it is important to note the following for the belt test:
  •     Wear a clean white judogi
  •     Keep nails clean and short
  •     Women only can wear a T-shirt under their jacket (must be white)
  •     Long hair must be tied back with a hair tie that has no metal part to it

All candidates need to be a current paid member of the U.C. Martial Arts program and shown regular attendance throughout the semester to be able to test for any belt rank, attend regular practice and demonstrate good moral character and maturity. For a complete black belt 1st Dan syllabus please contact Judo main instructor.


This new point system will help maintain the quality of UCMAP Judo. The following points are given at all tournaments under the auspices of the United States Judo, Inc. (USAJudo), United States Judo Federation (USJF) or the United States Judo Association (USJA)
  •        3 tournament points for every won match
  •        1 tournament point for every draw or lost match
For all brown belts, no points are given for matches against 4th kyu or below. However, one extra point is given for every win in a black belt division
Between 1-3 Points can also be given for volunteering at local martial arts tournaments or training camps, demonstrating Judo teaching or participating in official Judo clinics. However to fulfill the point requirement, tournament experience is mandatory!

The following are the point requirements to promote for a new belt:
For 4th kyu green belt test: at least 5 points and a minimum of one tournament.
For 3rd kyu brown belt test: at least 10 points and a minimum of two tournaments.
For 2nd kyu brown belt test: at least 20 points and a minimum of two tournaments.
For 1st kyu brown belt test: at least 30 points and a minimum of three tournaments.

NOTE: All point and tournament totals reset to zero after each rank promotion ceremony (points and tournament counts do not carry over from rank to rank).

The points have to be collected as a member in Cal Judo, less than two semesters (previous + current semester) prior to the belt test (one year for 2nd and 1st kyu candidates) and after your most recent rank recognition ceremony. However, the instructor can waive some of the point requirements if suitable reasons are given. You can check your Cal Judo tournament point record by asking the MSO


We always observe and promote the basic Dojo Etiquette such as
  • Bow when you enter and leave the Dojo
  • Only wear regulation judo gi (white only during belt promotion)
  • Bow before you step onto and off the mat
  • Bow before and after your practice with a partner
  • Line-up in grade order and bow to the sensei at the start and end of each session.
The Cal Judo starts with basic principles and techniques before studying contest techniques and strategies. This learning ideology focuses on the central concepts of good judo in which all members of CAL JUDO contribute to one another to help each other achieve their best in both judo ability and personal character.
Cal Judo is a concept of pure, clean, judo firmly based within Jigoro Kano’s principle of minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Cal Judo gives everyone an opportunity to aspire to achieve one’s highest and full potential in life.



In CAL Judo we follow the etiquette taught by any recognized judo association and it is important that each judoka show individual excellence by demonstrating total control, pure, clean judo and a desire for the most efficient use of our energy. Manners, Integrity, Humility and Discipline are all worthy attributes of every CAL JUDO member.

We also value the traditional Japanese terms and therefore enforce that each judoka understand the derived translation in English for each technique.