Interested in Judo?

The best way to find out what is involved in Judo is to try it for yourself. The UC Martial Arts Program is pleased to offer introductory classes to everyone (students, community members and non-UC students) at the beginning of each spring, summer and fall semester. After the official trial period has ended, every prospective student is allowed two free trial lessons.

If you are interested in trying judo, feel free to drop me an email or show up at the classes announced on the official website of the UC Martial Arts Program:

Don’t worry if you miss the very first sessions of term. It’s not unusual, and you can catch up quickly.

What to Bring

We look forward to seeing you at a session. We do not expect you to go out a buy a new judogi (uniform) before you try Judo. Instead we recommend clothing for your first few sessions is a strong long sleeved top that you don’t mind being pulled around and shorts or sweatpants. Avoid anything with hard zippers, rivets, or metal or plastic parts since they might poke you in unexpected ways.

Footwear – Judoka practice Judo on a mat in their bare feet. We recommend wearing or bringing flip-flops or sandals to wear while off the Judo mats.

Jewelry – The wearing of items such as rings, bracelets, wrist chains, earrings, watches, barettes, etc. present a serious safety hazard and may not be worn.

Also, remember to bring your ID, bring a water bottle and please sign the liability waiver (page 2), available in class or here. Bring this form to the first class and turn it in to the club MSO.

Important Rules to Remember

We start class on the scheduled time – so don’t be late. Usually students arrive 10 minutes before class. Please do not leave dojo without footwear (for safety and hygiene purposes). Make use of the RSF locker rooms and not the restrooms for changing.

Please read the Rules and Etiquettes page before attending a class.


To register, please go to the registration page and follow the steps to register. Remember that you can try out judo with free lessons.

Note: this is only registration for door entry. You still need to fill out the waiver and medical insurance enrollment form before class. Available here (fill out both pages). Bring this form to class and turn it in to the club MSO.

Get in Touch

Please look around this site to find out more about Cal Judo and the UC Martial Arts Program. We encourage anyone interested in judo to come along and visit a beginners session so that you can see a class for yourself. If you have any questions that are not answered in these pages you can email us at