East Bay Judo Invitational, 2017

On the podium

The Bay Area competition season kicked of this past Sunday with the East Bay Judo Invitational at the nearby El Cerrito High School. This is always a difficult tournament to have students attend with it being so close to the beginning of the Fall semester and the same week as the first mid-term cycle.

Chris Moulton was the only competitor and he entered both the brown belt and black belt heavy weight divisions. Two divisions makes for a long afternoon and a lot of fighting and Chris got both of those. He won 5 out of his 7 matches taking 1st place in the brown belt division and 3rd place in the black division.

In his four brown belt fights he won all the fights by ippon and showed a lot of poise in making sure he worked his techniques and finished his throws well. In the black belt division Chris won his first match with a well executed reversal to get his second waza-ari of the match. In the fight off for second place he narrowly missed on ura-nage for ippon and ended up losing by waza-ari. The line between winning and losing was a matter of inches and Chris was close to winning all of his black belt matches.

Congratulations on both medals and for all the hard work that made it possible.


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