Dallas Invitationals: Days 1 and 2


Thursday, November 19th, three of our Cal Judo collegiate competitors met at the Downtown Berkeley BART station to head to SFO.


Joey Kroeger, Anne Suzuki, and Cassandra Tang (yours truly) departed from SFO, accompanied by Anne’s personal coach, Cal alum Dylan Blackburn.


It was a smooth flight, and we checked in to our hotel at 9PM, ready for some shut-eye before weigh-ins the next day.



Friday. Weigh-ins. Skip breakfast. Meet in the lobby for a light workout.


Then, we go for a practice weigh-in, just to see where we stand. So far, everyone is just under the limit. After showering, we trek over humongous intersections and sometime-non-existent sidewalks to shop for groceries at the nearest Safeway. There, we buy and eat a light lunch.


(I wanted cake. They didn’t let me get cake. Being three kilos under I still think I should’ve gotten the cake.) Then, we meandered back to the hotel.

We waited around until we joined the masses – well, Joey joined the masses; Anne and I joined the significantly shorter, women’s line – to weigh in. While at weigh-ins, we bumped into a Cal alum, Scott, who was there to compete as well. So after weigh-ins, the five of us walked to dinner. Yay, Italian!


After dinner, we parted ways with Scott and returned to the hotel. It was time to get some rest…



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